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This is our cosplay version of Kaname and Yuuki's kiss [VK - Chapter 35]. You can find the original Matsuri Hino's art here.

Click on the preview to see our picture and let us know what you think about it! Feedbacks are always very appreciated!

Vampire Knight Cosplay

Hi everyone! We are new here, and very glad to join this community :)

We are twins, writers & cosplayers, absolutely in love with Vampire Knight. We're so fond of this manga/anime that, even if we mainly cosplay Yuuki (played by Artemisia) and Zero (played by Amore), we have lately started cosplaying many of its characters, like KanameIchiru [Aidou, Shiki & Rima in future ;)].

So, that's all for now. It will be a pleasure to meet you all! ♥

And this, of course, is for you ;)

When Love is Bloodlust

"Do you want to be a vampire, Yuuki? And live for eternity by my side?".

[Feel free to use the sticker if you like it: we would feel honored ♥ And if you could provide a link back to us or to our Fanpage [
http://www.facebook.com/Artemisia.Amore.Cosplay], it would be very appreciated ;)]

New Community ;)

vk_fanfic is the first community dedicated to Vampire Knight fanfictions. It is a brand new community! Help us spread the word! :D

You can find fanfictions posted by our members or you can post your own story! ^__^ We hope that you'll join and participate as well as enjoy.


Prompt #88

Title: Prompt #88: Bite
Characters: Hanabusa Aidou/Akatsuki Kain
Maturity Rating: PG-13 (there are some swear words in there...)
Summary: Bites between cousins are always interesting.
Disclaimer: I do not own Vampire Knight. If I did, there would be no Yuuki Cross and these two would be cannon.

( http://teh-mime.livejournal.com/#item2558 )

Prompt # 11. Want


Title:Prompt # 11. Want: Vampire Knight
Characters: Kaname Kuran/Zero Kiryu
Maturity Rating: PG-13 (Slightly suggestive, not really)
Summary: Zero and Kaname talk about their wants.
Disclaimer: I do not own Vampire Knight

Prompt #86

Title: Prompt #86: Drink
Characters: Hanabusa Aidou/Akatsuki Kain
Maturity Rating: PG
Summary: Aidou doesn't like blood tablets. Kain offers some help.
Disclaimer: I do not own Vampire Knight. If I did, there would be no Yuuki Cross and these two would be cannon.



Ohayo! Welcome to the_night_class...
Hmm.. firstly, hi. i'm teh_mime, the creator of this community. I've been in love with VK for the past few months, and I haven't yet found a community that focuses on the vampires that don't have quite as much screen time as Kaname or Zero. So, that led to me making this group. I'm glad to have anyone post, however, the only requirement for posting is that it be about at least a vampire from Vampire Knight. For example, you may post a story about Kaname and a girl from the day class, but you may not post a story about only people from the day class. (Laymen's terms: Vampire required)

Also, Please label your entry in the following way, so the other members know what they're reading:

Maturity Rating:

Anyway, enjoy your stay, join the community, read, write, have fun.

~Ja ne